3 Ways to Enjoy, Escape and Entertain in Your Garden

Your garden is a place to unwind, relax and enjoy rather than tirelessly trawling through weeds and fixing deteriorating woodwork, for example.

Here’s three easy ways that will not only improve how your garden looks, but also increase quality time spent in the garden relaxing!

Bioethanol Fire Pit: Log burners are great. They’re inexpensive to buy, look the part but they need an endless supply of wood to keep them burning all night. This makes it very difficult to regulate their temperature, but additionally who really wants to get up and down all night to fuel a fire?

This is where splurging on a bioethanol fire pit has its benefits. Easy to light, comes in all shapes, sizes and styles to suit any garden, and all you need to do is switch it on at the start of the night and turn it off when you’re done.

With no ashes to clean out, they’re easy to maintain too. Just add more fuel when it’s empty.

Outdoor Styling: Add character with textiles. Outdoor cushions and rugs are all the craze at the minute. More hard-wearing and generally water resistant, they bring a little of the inside, out.

You can really show off your personality here with the colours and prints you choose.

Laser cut steel dividers add to the outdoor room feeling. These can be purchased in pre-made patterns, or tailor made if you have a design in mind, and they’re super easy to install! Add to the sides of a pergola or create a fenced off area around a patio for a cosy seating area.

Just Add Water: There’s nothing more relaxing than bringing the sound of water into the garden. Not only is it relaxing, but running water helps mask the sounds from beyond your boundary. So, if neighbours or a barking dog are a problem, a water fountain can help you relax.

If you’re looking for something simpler than a fountain, shallow water bowls will give your garden a cool feel when it’s really hot and attract all important wildlife, such as birds for a drink.

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