Create a Coastal Paradise at Home with These Beach Garden Styling Tips

Enhance your outdoor space with a touch of the beach, even if you can’t visit the coast as often as you’d like. Coastal-style gardens offer a low-maintenance and relaxed atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the resilient plants and seaside ambiance. Whether you live miles away from the shore, these tips will help you create ultimate beach vibes right in your own backyard.

1. Paint the shed: Emulate the iconic beach huts with a coat of white, sea blue, or sage green paint. For a bolder look, go for blue and white stripes and add a fun beach hut charm to your garden.

2. Walk the plank: Replace or complement your lawn with timber-effect stone paving planks. These create a beach-like walkway, giving your garden an authentic coastal feel.

3. Gravels and pebbles: Transform your flower beds into a pebbly beach by covering them with gravels, decorative rocks, and pebbles. This adds texture and a natural seaside element to your garden.

4. Perfect plants: Choose plants that thrive in coastal conditions and complement the beach style. Consider grasses like Festuca glauca, aromatic plants like Lavender and Rosemary, and architectural plants such as Trachycarpus and Cordyline.

5. Add water: Incorporate a water feature, such as a bowl or trickling fountain, to recreate the soothing sounds of the sea. Place it on a bed of gravel and surround it with frothy plants like Erigeron for a coastal-inspired look.

6. Don’t overdo it: Strike a balance between capturing the beach theme and maintaining a natural, uncontrived garden. Avoid excessive props or contrived elements that can make your garden appear tacky. Instead, let the coastal hints shine through with your own unique twist.

Remember, hinting at the beach theme rather than fully replicating it is key to achieving an authentic and stylish coastal garden design. Enjoy your own coastal paradise without venturing far from home.

Cornish style beach garden

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