Designing the Perfect Patio: Key Tips for a Stunning Outdoor Space

Transform your garden into a captivating oasis with a well-designed patio at its heart. The patio is the main living space outdoors, so getting the design right is essential. Here are our top three tips to create a successful patio space that enhances your outdoor experience.

  1. Shape: The shape of your patio plays a crucial role in how you utilise your garden space. Consider the overall journey and flow of your garden design. Curves offer a softer and more meandering experience, allowing for a sense of freedom and visual interest. They work particularly well in breaking up the straight lines of a long, narrow garden. On the other hand, straight edges can create a striking aesthetic that complements modern or contemporary garden designs. With creativity, straight-edged patios can be so much more than a few flagstones, as showcased in our gallery.

  2. Symmetry: Subtle yet powerful, symmetry appeals to our natural sense of balance and harmony. While many gardens have an asymmetric design, incorporating elements more prominently on one side, consider how you can introduce symmetry into your garden. Take into account existing features like trees, walls, or structures and decide whether to retain them in your new design. By strategically planning the symmetry and structure of your garden, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and well-balanced space around these elements.

  3. Sunshine: When designing your patio, take into consideration the sun’s path throughout the day and the times you typically use your garden. Ensure that your main patio area is strategically located to maximise sunlight and align with your preferred usage times. By observing the sun’s movement, you can create a patio that receives ample sunlight during the desired hours, whether it’s for morning coffee or late afternoon relaxation. Consider incorporating multiple patio areas or decking to accommodate various social spaces and draw attention to different parts of your garden design.

Designing a patio that harmonises with your garden’s layout, embraces symmetry, and maximises sunshine will create an inviting outdoor sanctuary for you to enjoy throughout the seasons.

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