Elevate Your Summer Garden: Expert Advice and Stunning Summer Bedding Ideas

Discover the secrets to enhancing your garden’s aesthetic during the vibrant summer season. With plants in full bloom and the warmth of longer days, now is the perfect time to create your own lush oasis. To supplement your summer garden, we bring you expert advice and irresistible summer bedding ideas.

  1. Choose the Perfect Bedding Plants: Explore the wide variety of options available at garden centers and online. Opt for cost-effective plug plants, available in two sizes: “Standard” and “Jumbo” or “Garden Ready.” Standard plug plants, grown in cells, require potting in 9cm pots for a few weeks before planting out. Jumbo or garden ready plug plants, with more established root systems, offer instant impact and quick establishment.

  2. Care for Hanging Baskets: If planting plugs in hanging baskets, proper feeding is crucial for a stunning display. Bedding plants in small pots or baskets quickly deplete the nutrients in the compost, so regular replenishment is necessary. Feed your plants every two weeks during the growing season to ensure their vitality. Additionally, water your bedding pots and baskets in the morning or evening, especially during warm weather, to prevent wilting.

  3. Practical Watering Solutions: Invest in a lance spray adapter for your hose to reach hanging baskets and effectively water the soil underneath plants. This tool is ideal for maintaining optimal moisture levels in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring the longevity of your summer bedding.

By following these expert tips and selecting the perfect summer bedding plants, you can transform your garden into a blooming paradise. Don’t miss out on the vibrant beauty and joy of a well-designed summer garden.

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