Garden Delights of the Fifth Season

This is a little-known fact, but here in the UK there are not just four seasons. The ‘Fifth Season,’ is often the most spectacular and occurs at the end of summer. It’s known as the fifth season due to the spectacular changes that occur between the summer and autumn transition. The colours in the garden tend toward gold and bronze as the brighter early and mid-summer flowers fade. It’s the time of year to enjoy ornamental grasses for their seed heads, and plants that thrive in dry, hot conditions, such as lavender and rosemary.

Shrubs and trees come into their own when herbaceous plants fade and can maintain interest in the garden through summer into winter. We may be heading into the colder months (I’m sorry, we said it!) but that is no reason to abandon the garden. With a bit of preparation it is easy to make the most of the beautiful aspects of the new season. Relaxing with friends and family over a hearty barbecue, while wrapped up warmly, and hanging on to enjoy toasting marshmallows over a crackling fire pit seems all the more tempting when the weather begins to cool in the evenings.

Create an Outdoor Room:

Every garden should have a dedicated space for sitting, relaxing and entertaining – whether a patio or deck, or perhaps an entire cabin area if space allows. Make sure it feels like a proper room by choosing comfortable garden furniture that suits the space and add some textural blankets for cosy vibes.

Invest in a Lighting Scheme:

A well-lit garden looks wonderfully inviting and will really be a mood setter, making you more inclined to spend time in it on darker evenings. Lighting your garden also makes it an attractive feature to look out onto from your house when the weather gets really chilly.

Warm Things Up:

Providing warmth, light and a means to cook, fire pits are indispensable for the garden in the cooler weather going into autumn. There is something quite nostalgic about a fire in the garden. Fire pits come in an array of styles and types, from built-in gas pits, log burners and even portable fire bowls for smaller spaces, or where you need more flexibility.

Continue the Blooms:

Flowers such as Rudbeckia, Michaelmas daisies and Dahlias make a splendid display at this time of year, carrying the jewel-toned colours through to the autumn.

So don’t get caught out! With over 25 years’ experience in garden design and landscaping, we can help you visualise your dream garden. Call our in-house design team today to book your free consultation.

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