How to Resolve Common Garden Problems in Your New Build Home

Starting with a blank canvas can be overwhelming when it comes to designing your new garden. If gardening isn’t your forte, envisioning the full potential of your outdoor space can be challenging. In this article, Garden Aspect provides valuable tips to help you get started. Addressing certain factors can significantly impact the functionality and beauty of your new garden. Considering sunlight exposure, soil type, and proper plant placement can save you countless hours of maintenance and ensure your plants thrive.

To begin, it’s essential to ask yourself key questions: How do you plan to utilise the garden? What aspects of the available space do you appreciate? What aspects do you dislike? Are you looking for a low-maintenance design due to time constraints? Does the size of the garden align with your plans?

Here are three common garden problems often encountered with new homes:

  1. Privacy Concerns:

Finding a home that isn’t overlooked can be challenging. However, you can preserve your privacy through clever landscaping techniques. Sunken patios, strategically placed trees to block neighbouring windows, and adding trellis on top of fences for training plants are excellent ways to enhance privacy without compromising aesthetics.

  1. Sloping Levels:

Many newly built homes feature challenging sloped sites. If your garden experiences drainage problems during rain, swift action is necessary to prevent long-term damage. Incorporating proper drainage systems into your garden design is crucial for its longevity. Additionally, you might need to level specific areas, especially for your main patio, to maximise your garden’s future usability.

  1. Garden Limitations:

New homes often come with restrictions imposed by estate regulations. The initial uniformity imposed by builders may limit your creative ideas. It’s crucial to familiarise yourself with these limitations before designing your garden to ensure you won’t be required to remove any of the features you’ve carefully planned.

Take some time to live in the space before making final decisions. Moving in and experiencing the garden firsthand allows you to identify areas where more privacy or shade is needed. You may discover the ideal spot for a sunken patio or realize the need for improved drainage. Taking this opportunity to create a well-thought-out plan will make a significant difference in the long-term enjoyment and functionality of your garden.

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