Knowledge is power: why you need a garden designer

Three phrases which makes our toes curl: “My builder is going to build the garden.” “Why do I need to pay for a pretty picture?” “I just want a quote.”

Don’t be deceived by the job title. A garden designer does much more than draw lines on a page.

A trained garden designer understands drainage, levels, soil types, building regulations, budgets, material and plants. A garden design is scaled and calculated to the chosen materials, practically works with the levels of the garden, considers issues such as access, drainage, TPOs and conservation areas. So, it’s far more skilled than just ‘a pretty picture.’

When it comes to quantifying the garden, how would you know how much materials you need if you didn’t know the dimensions, didn’t know the gardens incline or decline, didn’t know the gardens access. Asking for a quote over the phone or even just from a simple visit isn’t a fair request.

For full garden transformations with lots of different design elements and/or changes of level, a landscaper really does need professionally drawn plans to work from.

Consider all the different disciplines needed to build a house. Could a builder manage without a blueprint?

Houses and gardens are different entities and therefore should be treated that way. You wouldn’t dream of employing a landscaper to build your house, so it is baffling why people think it is appropriate to employ a builder to construct a garden.

Undertaking a garden transformation is a huge deal, and a project which you want to get right first time.

Choosing a landscaper or garden designer who doesn’t understand your needs can ruin the experience, and asking a builder to construct a garden is even more disastrous as they will often cut corners to make it easier due to not being skilled in landscaping so choose wisely.

With over 25 years’ experience in garden design and landscaping we can help you visualise your dream garden.

Call our in house design team today to book your free consultation.

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