Quick and Easy Front Garden Refresh

A seasonal change of the containers in your garden is a great way to frequently update and refresh your outlook with relatively little expense. At this time of year, garden centres become a little bare as they divert their attention to Christmas stock, but you can still get some staple container plants that will last you through the autumn and perhaps even through the winter.

Now that short-lived summer bedding plants have long gone, think a little more permanent with perennials. Rusty toned grasses such as carex, pennisetum or pheasant grass are great container plants, along with rich toned heuchera, strappy phormium and winter pansies.

Here’s our recipe for a stunning autumn display for your entrance way or patio.

Pick your favourite container (ideally a larger one), remove the existing plants, empty the compost, give the container a rinse with soapy water (dish soap is ideal here), and replace the compost to give your new plants the added nutrients they need.

Our top plants for this autumnal display are Pennisetum ‘Firework,’ Heuchera ‘Marmalade,’ white and purple pansies and the trusty green trailing ivy. Add more quantities depending on the size of your pot. With short-term container displays, it is perfectly advisable to cram as many plants in as possible.

Position the Pennisetum centrally towards the back of the container to add height to the display (we’re designing this container with a face – or a good side, to be viewed from the front.)

Next add the heuchera (one or two plants) in front of the Pennisetum but slightly off to the side. Evenly plant two to three ivy plants around the sides of the pot. Now infill any gaps with the pansies.

Now all the plants are in position back fill around each of them, making sure there aren’t any air pockets by lightly pressing the soil around the root balls; a good watering will also help settle the fresh soil.

Whenever you are planting containers remember:

  • Stick to a limited colour palette
  • Have a focal plant with height and spill plants for depth (this helps gives the display balance)
  • Contrast textures – Strappy plants always looks great with frothy or spilling plants.

Position your pot in full sun to partial shade and enjoy for many weeks to come as the weather changes.

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