Styling The Autumn Garden

It feels like you’ve only just busted out your garden furniture before you feel like
you’re putting it away again for the winter. But before being too hasty, we’ve got some great
tips on how to style your garden so you can still use your space into the autumn and take full advantage of this stunning season.

Adding Natural Warmth

Now the weather is cooling, come late afternoon there’s often a slight nip in the air. But before you retreat inside, consider adding a heat lamp to your patio space for a cosy afternoon. Upright burners are great if you have an open patio and attachable strip lamps are perfect for adding onto a pergola beam. Fire bowls are fantastic additions to any garden and all the family will enjoy sitting around the fire. Inexpensive fire bowls can be moved around or put away, or built in gas options are invaluable if you don’t like the smell of a burning fire or don’t want to keep loading it with wood.

Textural Textiles
Scatter soft, fluffy blankets and cushions onto your outdoor furniture so you can snuggle under the stars with your loved ones for an unforgettable experience. Teamed with a fire pit you can create a very cozy space in your garden. If you have a timber pergola you can purchase sides and roofs for temporary shelter.

Create and Ambient Mood
We always say garden lighting is transformative, not only is it practical for safety but it also transitions your garden from day to night and from season to season.

Lighting in your outdoor space helps you feel warm, and it also showcases your garden
when daylight hours are reduced. Remember, warm white light brings a sense of comfort while stark white light may feel a little cool during the autumn/winter months. There’s something very romantic about garden lighting during the colder months.

belsize park garden room lighting - garden aspect

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