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Outdoor swimming pool design and construction

If you really want to give your garden the ‘wow’ factor – as well as increasing your property’s value and ensuring a lifetime of fun and entertainment for your family and friends – a swimming pool could well be the solution you’re looking for.

Our bespoke luxury swimming pool design and installation will take into account your unique needs, style and preferences, to ensure the perfect pool for your lifestyle. With the expertise and experience necessary to install every style of swimming pool, including sloped designs, please call our friendly team for further information.

Find our more about designing your garden swimming pool in our recent blog: Dive into Luxury with a Garden Swimming Pool. 

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Bromley and Chislehurst

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Questions to ask before building a swimming pool

  1. Why do you want a swimming pool?
  2. Who will use the pool?
  3. Is your garden suitable for pool construction? 
  4. Where will the swimming pool be located?
  5. What shape and style of pool do you require? 
  6. Do you need any special features or amenities? 
  7. What materials would you like to use? 
  8. How will you maintain your pool? 

Garden Aspect can talk you through these and any other questions you might have about your pool design and build. 

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