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Autumn Gardens

Planting Design for Autumn

Although there are considerably less colourful flowers in Autumn, those which have finished flowering now take on a rusty hue and a swathe of bronzes, red and yellows begin to encompass the garden.

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Belsize Park Project - Garden Aspects

Integrating a Hot Tub Into The Garden

Hot tubs are the ultimate piece of luxury you can add to your outdoor space. Since the pandemic, hot tubs are still in high demand without any sign of cooling yet with people still craving the need for escape and relaxation from an ever-changing and stressful world.

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belsize park garden structure

Garden for the Soul

Our environment affects our mental and physical health with studies proving that nature and green spaces increase the positive chemicals in our brains.

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Autumn garden

Garden Delights of the Fifth Season

In the UK there are not just four seasons. The ‘Fifth Season,’ is often the most spectacular and occurs at the end of summer. It’s known
as the fifth season due to the spectacular changes that occur between the summer and autumn transition.

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