The Simple Solution for Zoning Your Garden

With growing families, zoning your garden enables you to create a space for everyone to enjoy at the same time, yet for different reasons.

Zoning enables you to divide your garden into individual areas for adults and children, or entertaining and relaxing sections. Careful consideration is needed here to avoid the garden having a completely divided look. Think about sections or little rooms, where each are still connected but each maintains its purpose.

Dividing your garden using planters gives you semi-permanent flexibility. As your needs change, you can move the planters to form new areas.

In both commercial and domestic installations, cost effective, large fibreglass planters can be used to create back rests for garden seating, dividing up zones without the need to build walls, and even offering a method of screening when planting with bamboo or hedging.

The exterior texture of fibreglass planters is a stone effect, which is great for more traditional gardens. They can be galvanised metal, corten steel or super gloss, but all are frost resistant and UV protected against colour fade.

These planters are incredibly versatile and lightweight to install and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The planters themselves are completely hollow, so when filled with soil they are safe and will not move if you don’t want them to, making them ideal for back rests and decorative walling.

However, if you do envisage adjusting them frequently, install heavy duty casters on the bottom so you can move them with ease.

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